Finally! A way to hide your Javascript.
Introducing SauceJs.

SauceJs is a library and system for moving your javascript functions out of the client side and away from prying eyes.
SauceJs was inspired by Firebase and relies on the Q library for promise asynchronous callbacks to a NodeJS server.

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Benefits of SauceJs :

  • The secret sauce of your applications are no longer visible to the world.
  • The foot print of your client side code is dramatically reduced.
  • Your codebase can be converted with only small modifications.
  • SauceJs can be used from a non AngularJS application or as an AngularJS factory.

Demo 1

If the value of 'Test' is more than 0 and the "Status" is not 'waiting...', than SauceJs is working with your browser.

Test = 0
Status = waiting...


This is a really basic example but as you can see, the code does not rely on AngularJS and the semantics of the functions are not visible to you.

var test = function test(){

Demo 2

This is an example of SauceJs being used in AngularJs. It leverages an AI algorithm based on the strategy described here

GAME OVER - {{winmessage}}
Status : {{status}}


The source below (or in this documents source) will not help you figure out how the AI in this tic tac toe is soo good at beating you.

var ttt = angular.module('tttApp', ['sauce']);
function TicTacToeCntl($scope, z_) {

  // You can access SauceJs by using the z_._() function, for 
  // individual functions, or z_._SecretSauce() for a list of 
  // functions.

  (function setup(){
    return z_._('/sauce',arguments,$scope);
  z_.SecretSauce('/sauce',['markUserClick', 'markTheOne', 'fillTheEmptySpot', 'isCornerSpot', 'getInFork',
              'targetCorner', 'playAtEmptySpot', 'checkWin', 'checkDraw', 'setUserTurn', 
              'think', 'startGame','test2'], $scope);

Other SauceJs Demos:

  • coLab : A collaborative list and ranking board.

Please excuse the 'pre' level of this demo page and the SauceJs library. I just put it together over the Thanksgiving weekend as a personal challenge to find a new way to make javascript code more secure and private. If you have any questions or comments, reach out on Hacker News, or via twitter.